Today, The I-Yuva’s mission is to develop better connected and more
sustainable communities across the India. As a Independent Youth Organisation,
social investor and community development practitioner, we combine all our
skills and expertise, to further that mission.

We amplify the stories and lived experiences of people in our
communities; using this as a spur to drive locally-led community action and
enterprise. And we use what we learn across different communities to spot
national patterns of need and opportunity. Then we work with national partners
to support new ideas to tackle those shared, national challenges.

Bringing together our own – and other people’s – work, we are
building a shared body of evidence, tools and insight about how communities are
taking action on the issues that affect them. We are experts in understanding
the changing role of communities in the 21st century.

The younger generation has the opportunity to propel the society into a higher stature by breaking down the barriers that cause social injustices.
I-Yuva is one such force which relies on the strength of its volunteers and the power of its youth to bring about a positive change in the society.

What started in 2017 with a small group of enthusiastic individuals who strongly and deeply believed in the power of youth, has today mobilized more than 10,000 youngsters touching the lives of over 7lac people across the country. Amongst the many initiatives that I-Yuva foundation undertakes, is the Evolution program wherein it partners with philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and corporate houses to improve the basic infrastructural amenities such as drinking water, urinals, wash areas and the classrooms, of municipal schools thus improving the lives of the children, especially the daughters making them more self-reliant, encouraging them to educate themselves, learn and participate in classes and workshops in various subjects improving their skills and their self -esteem. Since the inception of this project in 2017 it has transformed over 250 extremely poor government schools across India.

I- Yuva foundation partners with 100 top institutes for impactful CSR
(UNICEF,UNESCO, Google, Unhu, Reliance, Coke, Hinduja, Medtour, Kotak,etc) and have transformed 250 municipal schools & 200,000 kids across 7 States in India (better toilets, improved drinking water, sanitation, women’s hygiene, scholarships, digital literacy, value based training, etc.).

Connected, thriving communities are the foundation of our
society. They keep us safer, happier and healthier – more resilient and able to
face shared challenges.